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Tanning is on a walk-in basis Monday-Friday during our posted hours.

If you would like to tan on a Saturday or Sunday, please call ahead on the day-of to ensure someone will be here. If there is no answer at the salon, please feel free to call or text Luci at

608-370-1689 for weekend tanning availability!

Guests must be 16 years old to tan

T A N N I N G   B E D 


1 session.............................$9

5 sessions...........................$40 ($8.00/session)

10 sessions.........................$75 ($7.50/session)

15 sessions.........................$105 ($7.00/session)

1 month unlimited.............$85


T A N N I N G  B E D  T I P S


SHOWER AND EXFOLIATE prior to your appointment.  You want your skin to be clean and free of dead skin cells.

USE A HIGH QUALITY TANNING LOTION made for INDOOR tanning beds. Your tanning results will be better, and your skin will be softer and smoother.

MOISTURIZE regularly.  Hydrated skin will hold a tan better.  

ALWAYS WEAR GOGGLES while in a tanning bed.  Your eyes can be permanently damaged without them.  

W H A T   H A P P E N S   W H E N
Y O U   T A N ?

When you tan, your body's melanocyte cells are producing melanin to protect your skin and internal organs from damage.  Melanocyte cells can only produce so much melanin at a time, so if you stay in the sunlight or a tanning bed past the point at which melanin can be produced (which varies from person to person), burning can occur.  Tanning at regular intervals for short stretches of time allows melanocyte cells to recover between tanning sessions, so they can once again produce melanin.  This is what produces a rich, dark tan over time.  

U V A   vs   U V B   L I G H T :
W H A T ' S   T H E   D I F F E R E N C E ? 

Sunlight and tanning beds produce both UVA and UVB rays.

UVA Light - Less likely to cause a burn + penetrates deeper to promote a long-lasting tan

UVB Light - More likely to cause a burn + doesn't penetrate as deeply

In the natural sunlight, you are unable to regulate how much UVA vs UVB rays you are getting.  Tanning beds are designed to address this issue, using bulbs with a higher percentage of UVA light as the UVB light is filtered out to protect your skin.  

S P R A Y   T A N N I N G 

custom airbrush spray tan

per session.......................................$35

S P R A Y   T A N 



For best results, we recommend following our preparation guidelines


EXFOLIATE your skin 24-48 hours before your spray tanning session. This removes dead skin cells and helps to soften dry patches and rough areas for a more even application.


SHAVE or wax at least 24 hours before your session. Shaving or waxing too close to your appointment may result in the tanning solution settling in the open pores and creating an uneven tan.


MOISTURIZE your skin after exfoliating to re-hydrate .


THE DAY OF your spray tan, avoid using soaps (rinse only in the shower), lotions and perfumes as these products can all create a barrier and affect the development of your tan.


DEODORANT and makeup must be removed before your session as they also create a barrier. You can choose not to use these products the day of your tan, or we will have wipes available to remove them.


WE RECOMMEND bringing or wearing dark, loose fitting clothing for after your spray tan. Light colored clothing may stain and tight fitting clothing (leggings, jeans, bras, tight tank tops) may rub and cause uneven color development.


BRING ALONG whatever you would like to be sprayed in if you prefer not to be sprayed nude. We recommend an old swimsuit or undergarments as whatever you wear during your session is likely to stain. Please note that all men being sprayed are required to wear undergarments.


W H I L E   Y O U R   T A N   



AVOID getting wet, sweating or doing any sort of physical activity for at least 9 hours following your session. Sweating or getting wet prior to waiting the recommended amount of time will result in a streaky, uneven tan.


REMEMBER that the temporary bronzer in the solution can rub off on any surfaces (leather, light colored material, bed sheets, etc) The temporary bronzer will wash away the first time you shower after your session.


BETWEEN 9-12 hours after your session once your tan has developed, gently rinse with warm water. You may notice some bronzer being washed away. THIS IS NORMAL! This is not your tan washing down the drain, just the temporary bronzer.


M A I N T A I N I N G   Y O U R

S P R A Y   T A N


MOISTURIZE at least twice a day to keep your skin hydrated.


DRINK WATER! Staying hydrated from the inside out will also help with the longevity of your tan.


AVOID exfoliants or other abrasive products.


CHLORINE will strip the color from your skin more quickly, so it is recommended to avoid swimming in a chlorinated pool.


PAT DRY after a shower instead of rubbing down with your towel.


PRODUCTS that may cause your tan to fade more quickly: bar soaps, alcohol-based products, skin-care products containing exfoliating ingredients such as AHAs, BHAs and Retin-A and oil-based products.


A spray tan does not make you any less sensitive to the sun! It is still very important to wear sunscreen!

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