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S P A  S E R V I C E S 

M A S S A G E  S E R V I C E S


A massage completely customized to your preferences. Whether you're looking for a relaxing, stress-relieving experience or a rigorous massage to relieve pain and increase range of motion (or a bit of both!) Your massage will be tailored to fit your unique needs.


30 min  $50

45 min  $65

60 min  $75

90 min  $115


In addition to being relaxing, regular massage throughout the pregnancy can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Benefits include headache relief, reduction of fatigue, stimulation of blood flow (may help prevent anemia), increased muscle tone and flexibility (alleviates muscle cramps and spasms) and the relief of physical and emotional tension.


30 min  $55

45 min  $65

60 min  $75

90 min  $115


Cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years in the Chinese culture. It is the use of suction and negative pressure versus the compression of soft tissue and muscle.  Cupping can be beneficial for those with digestive issues, asthma, pneumonia, high blood pressure, sports injuries, chronic headaches and much more.


30 min  $55

60 min  $75



S K I N  C A R E  T R E A T M E N T S

Restore and revive the skin with facial treatments intended for stress relief, beauty boosts, and pure delight.  Regular facial treatments will reduce the signs of aging, enhance the skin tone, and leave the skin with a relaxed, refreshed, and purified glow.  Facials are recommended every four weeks for the maximum results. For follow up, we recommend the use of Aveda skin care products between facial treatments.  


Relax while we target your areas of concern.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, masque, treatment serum + moisturizer



For a deeper exfoliation and more radiant skin.  This is the customized facial treatment + a perfecting plant peel.


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